ease pain caused by knee osteoarthritis


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Arthrosamid® Patient Leaflet

Understanding your Arthrosamid® treatment

Arthrosamid® Patient Brochure

Knee Osteoarthritis? Take the next step in controlling your pain

Arthrosamid® Healthcare Professional Brochure

Arthrosamid® - Safe and sustained pain relief with a single injection

Arthrosamid® Customer Conference Flyer

Introducing Arthrosamid® - A new class of injectable therapy to treat knee osteoarthritis

Arthrosamid® Clinical Data Summary Flyer

Offering patients an effective alternative to current therapies for knee OA, Arthrosamid® is an injectable polyacrylamide hydrogel (iPAAG) for intra-articular administration

Arthrosamid® Instructions For Use

Statement on the use of prophylactic antibiotics with Arthrosamid® injections

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