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Contura Orthopaedics

Contura develops and manufactures innovative medical products in the fields of orthopaedics, soft tissue augmentation and animal health using its unique, patented hydrogel technology. The Orthopaedics division of Contura aims to provide patients relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis, an area where current treatment options are limited. Arthrosamid fulfils the unmet clinical need for a long-acting, safe and minimally invasive treatment that may prevent or postpone knee surgery.

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Hydrogels for life

Our innovative hydrogel technology makes a meaningful and lasting difference to patients’ lives everywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission is what drives us in the here and now; it guides our objectives, feeds our vision, and shapes our culture at Arthrosamid® — and across the wider Contura team.

As an organisation, our focus is on the delivery of our innovative hydrogel technology. This focus is summarised in our vision statement which highlights our commitment to improving the lives of and outcomes for our patients.

Using technology pioneered by Contura International Ltd, Arthrosamid® is an injectable polyacrylamide hydrogel (iPAAG) for intra-articular administration. Consisting of 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide and 97.5% non-pyrogenic water, a single 6ml dose of Arthrosamid®(2.5 iPAAG) is injected into the joint space, becoming embedded in the synovial membrane and can relieve pain in one single treatment. Patients can expect to see improved mobility and pain relief within a few weeks.

Common to all 2.5 iPAAG products is the capability to provide non-surgical alternatives for conditions traditionally treated with surgery. Such approaches might include open knee surgery / total knee replacement, which can be risky, requiring hospital stays and lengthy recovery periods for patients.

The team behind Arthrosamid®is a family of passionate pioneers, dedicated to the pursuit of innovation in their hydrogel technology.



We never deviate from our values.


We have high standards for product and process.

Solution Focused

We go above and beyond to find solutions.


We work together to achieve great things.


We are honest and transparent in our communication.

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