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Arthrosamid® Ambassador Sharron Davies MBE - Part I

We’re delighted to announce that ex-Olympic swimmer, world-renowned broadcaster and former Gladiator, Sharon Davies MBE has joined Contura Orthopaedics as an Ambassador for Arthrosamid®, the novel injectable treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

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Arthrosamid® Ambassador Sharron Davies MBE - Part II

Sharron is a wonderful advocate for the benefits of an active, balanced lifestyle – combining her love of exercise, with a busy family life. In her own fitness regime, as well as working with clients online and one-to-one, Sharron promotes exercise programmes that encourage mobility, strength and confidence.

So, she was delighted when her orthopaedic consultant, Professor Paul Lee from MSK Doctors, said she could be eligible for a pioneering and non-invasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis which could offer long lasting pain relief and could delay the need for surgery.

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Arthrosamid® Ambassador Sharron Davies MBE - Part III

Since having the single dose injection in September 2022, Sharron’s recovery has been swift and positive.

Almost immediately, she reported that she was now moving with reduced pain and gained an increased range which was also confirmed on a subsequent visit to see Professor Paul Lee.

"I couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was, with very little discomfort and limited downtime. I was able to drive immediately. Pain can be really draining emotionally. Now, thanks to Arthrosamid®, I feel more able to do the things I love with less pain of it. I’m very glad I gave it a try."

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Arthrosamid® Ambassador Sharron Davies MBE - Part IV

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Arthrosamid® Ambassador Sharron Davies MBE - Part V