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Sharron Davies MBE

We’re delighted to announce that ex-Olympic swimmer, world-renowned broadcaster and former Gladiator, Sharron Davies MBE has joined Contura Orthopaedics as an Ambassador for Arthrosamid®.

Sharron davies treatment

Sharron Davies MBE 16-month post treatment

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“So, here we are nearly 16 months since my first and only Arthrosamid® injection for knee osteoarthritis (OA). The pain relief is as good as it was within ten days of that injection, once it had settled in. I'm still walking the dogs, going to the gym three times a week, riding my bike, doing my squats and lunges and almost most importantly for me, I’m not sat at night in front of the TV rubbing my knee because it's aching so much.”

“The best testimonial I can give is that I am so much less aware of my grade 4 knee arthritis. Every once in a while, my patella tendon gets a little sore especially if I wear my favourite tight jeans! I guess that’s because it’s causing my knee cap to press down on my damaged joint below. So, as much as I hate it, I’m wearing my leggings and baggy ones more. When dealing with arthritis, a degenerative condition that sadly often comes with age and overuse, we all have to find ways to alleviate the pain and maintain our lifestyles.”

“For me I know Arthrosamid® has given me more time, before I need that inevitable knee replacement and its certainly reduced my pain, and for that I’m very grateful, especially whilst NHS waiting list continue to grow. To be happy I need to be very active, to keep mobile. My personal quality of life would be worse without Arthrosamid®.”

“I want to share this story so that others suffering with knee OA can learn how Arthrosamid® can help reduce the pain caused by this common condition. Annoyingly, getting older's inevitable, but new science means we don’t have to suffer quite so much.”

Post-treatment journey

Discover more about Sharron Davies’ 3-month post-treatment journey

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Pre-Treatment Journey

Discover more about Sharron Davies' pre-treatment journey

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"I’ve had more than 40 years of training, and competed in the world’s biggest competition, and so I know what’s required to help maintain a healthy body and mind. Throughout my life I’ve continued to fuel my passion for health and fitness – with a varied programme including weight training, strength and conditioning, cycling, horse riding and dog walking. A few years back I also suffered a serious accident. Recovery was slow and despite returning to full fitness, I continued to have problems with stiffness and pain in my right knee."

“Being offered this injection has been great, as much for my mental wellbeing as physically - as sport and fitness is such an important part of my life. I couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was, with very little discomfort and limited downtime. I was able to drive immediately. Pain can be really draining emotionally. Now, thanks to Arthrosamid®, I feel more able to do the things I love with less pain of it. I’m very glad I gave it a try”.

Meet Sharron Davies MBE - Ambassador for Arthrosamid®

Full patient journey

Naturally, Sharron, who has just turned 60, has encountered injuries along the way and feels that her earlier intensive training has certainly taken its toll on her joints. Over the years, the stiffness and pain in her right knee have increased to grade 4 arthritis, especially after snapping her ACL and reconstruction surgery whilst filming Gladiators. Frustratingly, it affects her ability to exercise comfortably and enjoy her day-to-day activities.

So, she was delighted when her orthopaedic consultant, Professor Paul Lee from MSK Doctors, said she could be eligible for a pioneering and non-invasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis which could offer long-lasting pain relief and could delay the need for surgery. Since having the single dose injection in September 2022, Sharron’s recovery has been swift and positive.

Almost immediately, she reported that she was now moving with reduced pain and gained an increased range which was also confirmed on a subsequent visit to see Dr. Lee.

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