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Patient Stories

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Welcome to our patients' stories page. Here, explore our testimonials, where patients shared their journeys of overcoming knee pain and enhancing their quality of life with Arthrosamid®. Let their experiences encourage you to embark on the journey to move freely and live fully , experiencing long-lasting, proven pain relief for knee OA—without surgery .

Case Studies

Meet some of our patients and get an inside look at their journey from pain to relief with Arthrosamid®.

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Bedfordshire (UK)

Les Goldhawk, 66, a farmer from Bedfordshire

FARMER Les Goldhawk has spent around 45 years working on his family farm doing all manner of arduous tasks. 

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Staines, Surrey (UK)

Lorraine Dawkins, 60, a keen dancer, from Staines, Surrey

Lorraine Dawkins has always been extremely active. From athletics when younger to netball, badminton and dancing ever since, she’s always enjoyed keeping fit and having fun. 

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Tenby, South Wales

Nick Gregg, 60, from Tenby, South Wales

IT was a vet rather than a doctor who helped keen golfer Nick Gregg fix his painful knees.

When Nick, 60, felt a ‘ping’ in his right knee while playing golf about 18 months ago, he feared he might finally have to undergo knee replacement surgery. He’d been avoiding it for more than a decade as he knew there was a slow recovery time.

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Corinne Edwards, 71

As she had lived with significant knee pain for most of her adult life – mostly managed by using painkillers and inflammatory medications – this was becoming reality as the misery of constant discomfort in her knee started to outweigh the joy she felt when dancing.


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Arthrosamid® Brand Ambassador

Sharron Davies MBE

We're pleased to continue our partnership with brand ambassador, ex-Olympic swimmer, world-renowned broadcaster, and former Gladiator, Sharron Davies MBE. Sharron joined Contura Orthopaedics as an Ambassador for Arthrosamid® in September 2022.

Mr Sean Curry Frame 10 9 April 2024 Filming

Can you tell me about some of your best patients?

Mr Sean Curry Frame 11 9 April 2024 Filming

Can you tell me about some of your best patients?

It is important to bear in mind that there is no cure for osteoarthritis but successful treatment with Arthrosamid® may reduce or relieve your knee pain. You should also bear in mind that your knee osteoarthritis may not improve and, in some cases, may get worse.

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