Bedfordshire (UK)

Les Goldhawk, 66, a farmer from Bedfordshire

FARMER Les Goldhawk has spent around 45 years working on his family farm doing all manner of arduous tasks. 

Patient stories - Les Goldhawk

Les journey

“Farming is really intense, physical labour, working with heavy machinery day in, day out,” says Les, 66. 

“So, over the years, my joints have begun to suffer.  I’ve also had a couple of accidents at work, making my right knee particularly sore and swollen. Until  recently, I was experiencing pain in my knees every  day, so I was taking painkillers to take the edge off  the pain and help me get through my working day.”

Spending many hours wearing wellies on rugged, unforgiving surfaces around the Bedfordshire farm in all weathers hasn’t helped his knees either. Nor did his sideline business of hiring out a horse-drawn carriage for weddings. He admits it was extremely hard clambering up into the driver’s seat of the carriage each time.

As a solution, Les considered knee replacement surgery, but was worried about the recovery time impacting on his work. After reading a newspaper article about Arthrosamid® and encouraged by his wife Debbie, he booked an appointment to have both knees injected with it in December 2022.

“I was only at the clinic for an hour,” recalls Les.

“I did experience some discomfort in the 24 hours after the injection but since then, my recovery has been very positive. The constant pain in my knees has gone and I’m so much more mobile.

 “As well as improvement to my mobility issues, there’s been a huge impact on my sleep. Due to the agonising pain I’d been experiencing, I wasn’t able to sleep properly. In fact, I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep for over three years which was really affecting my quality of life. The difference in how I feel on a day-to-day basis is huge. It’s one of the best things I’ve done.”