26th November 2021

Contura announces new CEO to accelerate future growth

London – 16 November 2021. Contura International Ltd, manufacturers of innovative therapeutic hydrogels, is delighted to announce that it has appointed Rakesh Tailor as the new CEO to accelerate future growth.

Contura announces new CEO to accelerate future growth

Rakesh has been instrumental in Contura’s development over the years and was the driving force behind the global success of Bulkamid® for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Having become market leader for SUI in Europe, Rakesh oversaw the approval of Bulkamid in the United States, the creation of Contura’s US organisation and Bulkamid’s subsequent US launch. This commercial development paved the way for the successful sale of Bulkamid together with its global sales and marketing infrastructure to Axonics Modulation Technologies, Inc (NASDAQ: AXNX), a global medical device company for US$200 million, with a potential future milestone fee of US$35 million in February 2021.

As Contura new CEO, Rakesh will now oversee the commercialisation of its other key proprietary hydrogel products, particularly Arthrosamid® for knee osteoarthritis and Arthramid® Vet for use in animals. Former CEO Patrick Banks, after a decade at the helm, will reduce his time commitment to the company and remain on the Board. Headquartered in London, Contura operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. This manufacturing provision is central to the business growth strategy, with a planned expansion of the current plant which will substantially increase production capacity. Rakesh Tailor, Chief Executive Officer at Contura International comments:

Commenting on Rakesh’s appointment as CEO, Ian Jacobsen, Chairman at Contura International:

About Contura

Contura is headquartered in London and has its manufacturing facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. It develops and manufactures innovative medical products in the fields of soft tissue augmentation, orthopaedics and animal health using its unique, patented hydrogel technology. Its hydrogel-based products are non-particulate and do not contain a carrier gel, allowing for its non-absorbable, non-migratory and highly durable properties. For more information, visit contura.com.

About Arthrosamid

Arthrosamid is a polyacrylamide hydrogel developed by Contura as a long-lasting intraarticular injection approved in Europe for the symptomatic treatment of patients with knee osteoarthritis. Development of Arthrosamid commenced after the generation of impressive clinical data with Arthramid Vet, a related product of the company, in the treatment of lameness in horses. Arthrosamid becomes embedded in the synovial membrane, providing increased cushioning and other therapeutic benefits to patients with knee osteoarthritis. Patients benefit from both pain relief and improved mobility. For more information, visit arthrosamid.com

About Arthramid Vet

Arthramid Vet is a biocompatible polyacrylamide hydrogel for intra-articular injection in horses. Upon injection into the joint, Arthramid Vet adheres to the synovial lining through its ability to exchange water molecules. It increases the elasticity and tensile strength of the joint capsule, improving its capacity to transfer load. Arthramid Vet has demonstrated an 82.5% successful resolution of joint lameness out to 24 months in horses. For more information, visit conturavet.com

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